A vicious loan shark was imprisoned after robbing a borrower of his jaw.

A RIDICULOUS loan shark who abducted a helpless borrower, made him drive in the trunk of his car to obtain money, and shattered his jaw in an attack when the borrower was unable to make payments has been sentenced to seven years in prison.

When Barnsley resident Richard Dawson, 35, appeared at Sheffield Crown Court, the judge, Mr. Recorder Adrian Langdale KC, informed him that he was obviously a part of a “organized crime extortion racket” that left his victims in a “cycle of debt and despair.”

Dawson, of Hill End Close, acknowledged to the accusations of kidnapping, money laundering, and illicit money lending.

He further acknowledged assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm, assault against one victim, and assault with the intent to cause serious bodily damage to a second victim.

The South Yorkshire Police, Barnsley Council Safer Neighbourhoods Service, and the Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) collaborated to pursue the case.

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Dawson was a “vicious loan shark,” according to Mr. Simon Mortimer, the IMLT’s prosecutor, who said in court that Dawson never had the Financial Conduct Authority’s permission to lawfully lend money. This implied that his debtors were without recourse.

“Illegal money lenders can operate as they please and stay under the radar of the authorities by operating outside the legal framework,” the speaker stated.

He also admitted to assault against one victim, assault with the purpose to cause serious bodily harm to a second victim, and assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm.

To pursue the case, the Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT), Barnsley Council Safer Neighbourhoods Service, and the South Yorkshire Police worked together.

Prosecutor for the IMLT, Mr. Simon Mortimer, claimed in court that Dawson was a “vicious loan shark,” having never received authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority to lend money legally. This suggested that his debtors had no other options.

“Illegal money lenders can operate as they please and stay under the radar of the authorities by operating outside the legal framework,” said the speaker.

According to Mr. Mortimer, Dawson had a reputation for using violence to threaten debtors. He even broke his jaw attacking one of his borrowers when they were unable to make their payments. He claimed that it caused severe damage to his cheek as a piece of his jaw fell off. Since then, he has undergone continuous dental care and has permanent facial damage.

Dawson also kicked the mother and attacked him once more, inflicting cuts on him in addition to a black eye.

According to Mr. Mortimer, the victim was obviously afraid when talking about Dawson and expressed fear for his life.

The England Illegal Money Lending Team was notified of the alarm, the court heard, and a warrant was obtained at Dawson’s.

home address in February of this year when a number of things, including the male victim’s bank card, were taken.

According to financial investigations, Dawson transferred 292 payments to 29 different recipients between 2020 and 2024. The terms “Loan” or “Lending” were appended to several of these transactions.

Upon examination of further accounts, it was discovered that £52,416.14 had been paid in total as repayments; however, this amount did not account for cash repayments that were not deposited into a bank or utilized for regular expenses.

Dawson’s accounts did not appear to have any valid money from his job, however. “Clearly, the illegal money lending enterprise finances their lifestyle,” stated Mr. Mortimer.

Dawson, a married father of three, was embarrassed by his behavior, according to Dawson’s defense attorney, Mr. Sean Fritchley, who also claimed that Dawson only invited the victim to go in the boot because he had his kids’ car seats in the rear.

Nevertheless, Recorder Langdale claimed that the £52,000 that was quoted was really the tip of the iceberg, and he levied “extortionate” interest rates on victims who were particularly defenseless.

The victim was treated “little better than an animal rather than the human being he was,” according to him, and it was a sort of “pure humiliation.”

Dawson was given concurrent sentences of three years for money laundering and fifteen months for unlawful money lending.

He received concurrent sentences of 34 months for the GBH conviction, 25 months for each of the ABH counts, and 4 years for kidnapping. This meant that he spent a total of seven years behind bars.

“Today we have seen a vicious, predatory criminal removed from our streets and we hope this sends a message that illegal money lending and associated intimidation tactics will not be tolerated,” stated Tony Quigley, the head of the IMLT.

“This man is a vicious and heartless person who preyed on the weakest members of the community, stealing everything from them and left them with nothing. He took advantage of the fact that he knew they couldn’t fight back.

He reacted angrily, seriously injuring them, when they were having trouble paying. They might get over their physical wounds, but the emotional suffering he inflicted was unbearable, and they might never fully get over the trauma they endured at his hands.

“We will not accept the problem of illegal money lending, which is made even worse when it is coupled with physical intimidation and heinous acts of violence.

“It is amazing how courageous these people were to come forward in spite of their fear of the consequences. We are incredibly grateful to them for it.

We acknowledge that there may be others in a similar situation, but we strongly advise anyone with knowledge of illicit loans to get in touch with us right once.

so that we can intervene on their behalf to protect them and assist in escaping the clutches of an unlicensed lender.

“This was an awful crime and we’re grateful to the England Illegal Money Lending Team and South Yorkshire Police who worked closely with our own Safer Communities team in bringing this defendant to justice,” stated Anna Hartley, the executive director of public health and communities at Barnsley Council.

“Preying on people who are struggling financially and taking advantage of them with violence and threats is unacceptable. We implore anyone with knowledge of illicit money lending to get in touch and report these offenders. We are aware that the crisis in the cost of living has greatly increased the strain on many individuals.

Our More Money In Your Pocket webpage, www.barnsley.gov.uk/MMIYP, offers a variety of information and advice specific to Barnsley.


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