The question remain the same : Why is Ferran mocking Pedri?

The question remain the same : Why is Ferran mocking Pedri?

FC Barcelona has had to endure some very frustrating moments due to the nature of the international break. Many of the team’s key players have seen themselves get injured or sidelined during these tournaments. As a consequence, Barcelona themselves are left to find out what exactly to do in order to replace their services.

The latest of such victims during the international break has been Pedri, the 21-year-old Spanish star who was key for his nation during the European Championship up until his injury. Unfortunately, the player will no longer be able to play for Spain and will likely miss some time for Barcelona as well.

In the latest outing against Germany, the player was tackled early on by Toni Kroos and that collision led to the Barcelona midfielder being taken off. However, due to the rules of UEFA and FIFA, players who are injured during the international break can still help their teams by inviting some financial compensation.

As pointed out by MARCA, Barcelona will be compensated for the loss of Pedri up until he recovers. According to the official rulings, compensation begins 28 days after the injury itself, and following that time period the compensation for the injured player starts to accrue.

In this case, taking into account the reported recovery time for the player, the calculation of what Barcelona will receive could be done. Most reports suggest that Pedri may remain in recovery for anywhere between a month or two. To make this calculation, however, the middle point of 45 days can be used for the hypothetical calculation.

Taking into account that the compensation is reportedly going to be worth €20,548 per day for every day that the player remains injured, Barcelona could receive that amount for close to 17 days if the 28 unpaid days are subtracted from the hypothetical 45 days.

Consequently, this would mean that Barcelona would take away €349,516 for Pedri’s injury if he remains sidelined for one and a half months. That amount could understandably increase if his recovery time takes longer, but there is an actual limit as to how much compensation a team can receive.

That compensation is locked at €7.5 million, and it is calculated by multiplying €20,548 by 365 days, the limit up to which compensation can be provided at maximum.

As for how much Barcelona will end up receiving, at least as per the estimations currently available regarding Pedri’s recovery time of 6-8 weeks, they could take away an amount anywhere between €300,000-€700,000 depending on how long it takes for him to recover

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