Rafinha’s first legendary goal for Brazil against Colombia from a world-class free kick in Copa America

Rafinha’s first legendary goal for Brazil against Colombia from a world-class free kick in Copa America

Brazil vs. Colombia live updates, highlights from Copa America 2024

Full time: Colombia 1, Brazil 1. It’s a result both sides will be happy with ultimately, though both teams were trying to find the winner all the way until the end. Raphinha’s moment of brilliance gave Brazil an early lead, but Colombia’s speed and risks going forward gave them plenty of opportunities, and it resulted in Munoz finding space in the box down the right wing and scoring on a one-on-one with Allison. Now, both teams rest up and will have to deal with two key players missing from their quarterfinal matchups. 

90+6th min: Some confusion as Brazil wins another corner but it appears that the referee has blown the final whistle. Militao is asking for VAR to look at a penalty call. Meanwhile, Dorival Jr. walks into the center of the field and is pulling his players away from the refs. It’s all over now!

90+5th min: SAVE VARGAS!! Savinho cuts inside from the right and gets a couple of lucky deflections to keep the ball despite the hounding from Colombian defenders. He centers it for Pereira who curls one towards goal and it’s tipped over at full stretch by Vargas. Terrific from Pereira and Vargas. 

90+3 min: Great play Cuesta! Saved his own bacon as he gives up the ball to Vini Jr. in open space and races back to knock it away from Vini and back to Vargas, who jumps on the ball. Brazil is still pushing for a winner, even though the draw is enough. 

90th min: Five mins of stoppage time. Endrick just got bowled over on a shoulder-to-shoulder barge from Sanchez. No call from the referee. A “welcome to the game” moment for the youngster. 

89th min: Luis Sinisterra enters for Luis Diaz to a big ovation from the Colombia fans. Diaz has been immense all tournament. 

87th min: Two late changes for Brazil. 

Endrick enters for Bruno Guimaraes. 

Douglas Luiz enters for Wendell. 

84th min: Save Allison! A rare foray forward as Cuesta plays Diaz forward. His cross in from the right is deflected out but it’s right to Carrascal, who’s shot goes right at Allison and is well saved. 

Then, moments later, Santos Borre has a chance in the box but he puts his shot over! Two great chances for Colombia after 20 minutes of not creating much danger. 

83rd min: The skill and poise on the ball of these players, playing in 90F degree heat in a United States-based Copa America is just incredible. It’s a great lesson to any kid watching, this is the level to strive to. 

80th min: Pereira’s corner kick is punched away by Vargas. Savinho collects the ball at the other side of the box but he’s dispossessed well by James, who ends up winning a throw-in kicking the ball off Danilo while also playing keep-away from Savinho. He pumps up the crowd, and then goes off the field. 

Jorge Carrascal is on for Colombia. 

78th min: Colombia fans whistling loudly as Brazil possesses the ball in midfield and moves it from left to right, but can barely find a way forward, such is Colombia’s defensive organization. It’s been very impressive. Eventually, Brazil does find a way to break the lines and a cross from Danilo leads to a corner kick. 

75th min: Wendel with some nice dribbling down the left to get out of trouble, but then he loses the ball and in battling with Richard Rios, he’s whacked in the face and Rios goes down writhing in pain. The referee stops the action, and it’s right in time for Rios to leave the field anyways. 

Jhon Cordoba and Rios are withdrawn, Rafael Santos Borre and Mateus Uribe come in for Colombia. 

73rd min: Bruno Guimaraes again knocks over James and he’s given a yellow card for accumulation of fouls. 

Rodrygo is withdrawn for Savinho and Joao Gomes comes off for Ederson. 

71st min: Brazil preparing to make a pair of substitutions. Savinho and Ederson are set to come on. In the meantime, this result (1-1) is enough for Brazil to advance past Costa Rica, which is still ahead of Paraguay in the other game of the group, 2-1. 

69th min: Save Allison! Militao does great work defensively on Diaz but he’s drawn way out of the box. Diaz finds James on the right and his cross in to Cordoba is headed towards goal, but Cordoba was leaning back (plus with Marquinhos and Danilo covering him) and it’s an easy save for Allison. 

68th min: Something you don’t see too often, Colombia fans “ole”ing every pass as Brazil chases after the ball. 

66th min: A decade ago, James Rodriguez was kicked out of the game by Brazil when these two teams met at the World Cup, but so was Neymar. As if on cue, Bruno Guimaraes gives James a couple of pushes and knocks him over by the sidelines. James is grabbing at his ankle initially, but then he stands up without any issues after a quick breather. 

65th min: There’s not much of a rhythm to this half as there’s been a lot of start and stop, whether it’s fouls, the ball going out for goal kicks, throw-ins, or corners. Brazil has looked more dangerous on the break, especially when they can get Raphinha or Vinicius Jr. open in space down the wings. 

63rd min: Brazil trying to build out from the back but Colombia’s high press is giving Gomes and Guimaraes problems to deal with. They’re having trouble finding Rodrygo and Vinicius Jr. in space until they can get into the midfield. 

60th min: JUST WIDE! It’s Raphinha again on the free kick, this time he goes to the far post and misses the post by inches. Rodrygo had a good fake out to start the move as he was standing over the ball as well. 

58th min: Raphinha is fouled right outside the box, and it’s another dangerous attacking free kick opportunity for Brazil. 

57th min: Gomes goes down under soft pressure from Rios and Gomes grabs the ball while on the ground, enraging Rios. Referee Valenzuela has to get things back under control and pleads with Brazil’s players and Colombia’s players to stop complaining for every call. 

53rd min: A terrific passing move from Brazil nearly leads to a goal, as Danilo is fed into the box but his cross is blocked by Mojica.

50th min: Strong opening five minutes for Colombia as they increase the pressure on UK’s backline. 

2nd Half Kickoff: We’re underway for the second half from Levi’s Stadium. We’ve got a pair of changes. 

Brazil: Andreas Pereira comes on for Lucas Paqueta

Colombia: Johan Mojica comes on for Deiver Machado. 

Halftime: Colombia 1, Brazil 1. It’s been an exciting first half filled with goals, tempers flaring over, and some solid attacking play. Both Jefferson Lerma and Vinicius Jr. picked up yellow cards, meaning they’re out for the next round. 

45th+5 min: It was Militao who kept Munoz onside. Colombia has all the momentum and are passing it around like they’re Brazilians. 

45th +3 min: GOAL COLOMBIA! Just before halftime, Colombia raise the pressure and the Brazilian defense collapses. Munoz with a brilliant run forward while Cordoba – who’s usually in that spot – receives the ball in the center just outside the box and plays Munoz in. He first-times a strike over the arm of Allison and we have a tied game. 

Just a minute earlier, Allison misplaced a simple pass for one of his defenders and it led to Luis Duaz having a strike on goal, but Allison saved it. 

45th min: Bruno Guimaraes comes off the field with a knock and Brazil is down to ten men for the moment. 5 minutes of first half stoppage time. 

43rd min: There’s a supposed VAR check for a penalty kick after Vinicius is kicked off the ball in the box, but the referee tells the players to play on. 

41th min: Vinicius Jr. steals the ball in midfield, races forward, and then wins a free kick, all within 3 seconds. 

37th min: By the way, StatsPerform puts the xG of Raphinha’s incredible free kick at 0.046. The odds of that going in are incredibly low, but he made it happen. 

35th min: Save Allison! James tries to catch Allison cheating forward in the box and he tries to curl one in from a tight angle and Allison just pushes it over the bar. 

33rd min: Still no water break in this game with temperatures still in the 90s, though the entire center and left wing is in shade right now. 

Another foul by Brazil in Colombia’s attacking third means another chance for James to showcase his incredible free kick technique. 

30th min: Save Allison! Richard Rios controls a clearance off a free kick and he fires off a 30-yard strike that’s seen all the way by Allison and he comfortably collects. 

28th min: Cordoba is played into space down the right side of the box but Marquinhos does brilliantly to win the ball off him. Meanwhile, Lerma’s yellow card before means he will miss Colombia’s next match. 

26th min: Tempers running high as many players from both teams are getting in each others faces by the benches. Referee Valenzuela gives Joao Gomes and Jefferson Lerma both yellow cards. 

The incident began when Raphinha had a late slide tackle on Machado and then Gomes kicked the ball off Machado while he was down to win the throw-in. 

24th min: Chance for Colombia! A cross comes in from the left to Cordoba in the box, but Marquinhos is there to defend and tap the ball away. 

Moments later, Machado steps in hard on Raphinha and earns a yellow card for his troubles. 

22nd minute: We’re still waiting for a decision by VAR….and it comes in. Offside is confirmed. Boos from the Colombia fans in the crowd but cheers from Brazil’s players.

19th min: OFFSIDE! James Rodriguez delivers in a tremendous free kock from the right and it’s headed home by Sanchez but the flag comes up immediately. VAR is checking the goal. 

16th min: James! So close, as he gets a cross in from the left wing and fires on the volley but it goes over the bar. 

14th min: Colombia immediately takes it at Brazil and forces them back. The Cafeteros are trying to get one back before someone notices. 

12th min: GOOOOAAAALLL BRAZIL! It’s Raphinha from a free kick! Brazil won the free kick just to the right of goal outside of the box, and it was a perfect spot for him to curl one into the top corner. Vargas actually got a hand to it but he just pushed it into the corner. It’s one of the best goals this writer has seen all tournament. 

10th min: It’s been all Brazil the last few minutes in terms of possession, and it leads to a shot on goal that Vargas pushes wide and out for a throw-in. 

8th min: Off the crossbar! James takes the free kick from 35-yards-out and it smashes the crossbar and goes out of play. So very close to a legendary goal. 

7th min: Colombia create a chance down the right wing, but Munoz overruns the ball and is forced back. It ends up with James, and he tries to chip it over Vinicius Jr., and the Brazilian gets his hand up in James face to push him off the ball and it ends up in a yellow card to Vini and a free kick for James. Wow! Vinicius Jr. is out of Brazil’s next Copa America match. 

4th min: Rodrygo takes the ball off Arias and cuts down the right side of the box before centering a pass in. It ends up at Raphinha’s feet but Colombia does a good job getting many people behind the ball and the danger is cleared. Colombia is now getting a few seconds on the ball to pass it around and set the tempo. 

Elsewhere, Costa Rica has gone up 1-0 over Paraguay, putting the pressure on Brazil. A Brazil loss, plus losing ground in the goal difference battle, could mean the difference of moving on and going home. 

1st min: Seconds into the game, Raphinha steals the ball down the right wing and passes the ball into the middle. It pops up nicely for Vargas but he loses it for a second in the bright sunlight and drops it for a second, before collecting. Instant action!

1st Half Kickoff: We’re underway from a super hot Santa Clara and Levi’s Stadium

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