‘Paul Pogba is not finished, My last hope are with Manchester United, they are ready to give me one more chance to revive my career’

‘Paul Pogba is not finished, My last hope are with Manchester United, they are ready to give me one more chance to revive my career’

Paul Pogba, the World Cup-winning football star, is currently facing a challenging battle against a four-year suspension from football after testing positive for a banned substance in August 2023. Both his initial and B sample tests confirmed the presence of the substance, leading to the suspension that has paused his professional career. Pogba is appealing this decision at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), initiating a lengthy legal process.

Despite the severe consequences of the ban, Pogba remains determined and defiant. In a recent interview with Sky Sport Italia, he addressed rumors of his retirement, which were fueled by an edited video, by clarifying, “If you don’t see a video where I say that I am stopping with football, it’s because I am still a football player.” He emphasized his frustration over the misrepresentation of his words and reassured fans that he continues to train and stay positive.

During this enforced break, Pogba has faced significant personal challenges. He is unable to play or train with Juventus, where he is still under contract, albeit with a reduced salary. However, he has found comfort in spending time with his family and watching his children grow. Despite this, the longing to return to the sport he loves remains strong, and he likened his desire to play again to a child’s dream.

Regarding his relationship with Juventus, Pogba clarified that rumors of his contract termination were false, stating, “From what I last heard, I am still a Juventus player.” Communication with the club’s management has been limited, with discussions likely awaiting the outcome of his appeal. Pogba acknowledged the uncertainty of his future, noting that Juventus may be waiting for the legal proceedings to conclude before making any final decisions.

Looking forward, Pogba faces a significant challenge in trying to return to football. His ban, which could last until 2027 unless overturned, is a major obstacle that he hopes to overcome sooner rather than later. Despite the difficulties, he remains determined to challenge what he sees as an unfair decision and to continue his career.

In summary, Paul Pogba’s situation highlights not only his personal and professional struggles but also his unwavering determination to fight against adversity. His appeal to the CAS reflects his belief in justice and fairness within sports governance. As he navigates this difficult period, his commitment to his career and his positive outlook provide hope for his eventual return to football.

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