‘Ongoing’ – Charlton Athletic midfielder discusses potential permanent transfer exit

‘Ongoing’ – Charlton Athletic midfielder discusses potential permanent transfer exit

Scott Fraser, a Charlton Athletic loanee, stated that his possible permanent transfer to Hearts is still “ongoing.”
Fraser, a midfielder for Charlton Athletic, was sent out on loan in January to give him a chance to play regularly outside of The Valley after slipping down the ladder in the New Year.

He left with Hearts to return to his home country of Scotland, where he has made nine appearances in all competitions and contributed one assist.

Although Fraser’s calf issue has somewhat interfered with his loan, he still intends to stay until the summer. Fraser expressed earlier this year that he would be interested in a permanent position.

The Charlton Athletic loanee told the Edinburgh Evening News that his possible stay at Hearts is a “ongoing” problem.

To the question of whether Fraser will return for the upcoming season, he said, “It’s something that is ongoing.”

They were very clear in stating that this was not an impromptu decision. Since I was aware of the prior interest, it was something that had existed for a while. My goal was to demonstrate my ability to play for a progressive club like Hearts and to help the establishment advance to the next level.

According to the article, Fraser promised to stay a professional should he return to South London, and Charlton has instructed him to report for pre-season training next month. Fraser continued

“I’ll keep putting in a lot of effort, and whatever lies ahead will come to pass. Obviously, I need to keep in mind that I’ve spoken with another club about this.

It seems like they anticipate me and wish for me to retreat. I promised to respect that and the fact that I still had a year left there when I originally moved up here. I’m anticipated to return there at the end of June, when they resume preseason.

“I anticipate that and this will be the subject of further conversations in the future. We’ll watch to see how they turn out.

Fraser has already stated that he wants to continue at Hearts, and it appears from his most recent comments that this hasn’t changed. Despite a slightly disturbed loan, the Scottish club may very well strive to hold onto him as well, given their prior interest in him.

You can see why he would be want to stay at Charlton Athletic after falling in the hierarchy there.

Fraser appears to be reporting for Addicks preseason training as of right now, however the situation is still unclear. Time will tell, though, if that changes in the upcoming weeks.

Recall that Fraser left the Addicks during Michael Appleton’s tenure as manager. Naturally, he has since left the club, and Nathan Jones is now in charge.

That could be something to watch out for when the Welsh manager makes changes at Charlton Athletic. It’s not impossible that Fraser returns for pre-season training and Jones determines the Scotsman can have a role in his plans.

Time will tell if Fraser is satisfied with it. However, it’s important to remember that the manager he had while on loan at Hearts could have had an impact on his future.

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