The hidden motives for Barry Wallace’s murder in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire

Barry Wallace, then eighteen, had booked the entire weekend off and was looking forward to letting his hair down at his work’s Christmas party in December 1999.

Barry was going to head to another party nearby as the celebration was coming to an end when he ran into someone who had a murder conviction reversed ten years prior.

Barry would vanish from sight forever.

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A dog walker found the dismembered head on the beach.

Police discovered the limbs about 55 miles distant.

The adolescent who went missing following a night out at work was the victim.

The murderer was a violent, bloodthirsty professor known by his oddball behavior as “Fred West.”

Sad Barry Wallace had put up a valiant battle to survive.

However, he was no match for the vicious William Beggs, who had the eighteen-year-old’s wrists and legs chained before attacking him sexually.

Medical professionals surmise that the grocery employee may have passed away from shock during his horrendous beating.

Beggs cut Barry’s body to pieces after he died.

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