Hansi Flick Informs Barcelona Winger ‘He Wants Him to Stay’ – Report

Hansi Flick Informs Barcelona Winger ‘He Wants Him to Stay’ – Report

According to Alex Silvestre on El Chiringuito TV, Barcelona manager Hansi Flick has informed Joao Felix that he wants him to remain with the team. Flick believes he can help Felix reach his best form and become a valuable asset for Barcelona.

Complications with Current Situation

Felix is currently involved in the ongoing Euros and is under contract with Atletico Madrid, who are looking to sell him for over €50 million. However, Felix’s limited playing time in the Euros, particularly before their recent loss to Georgia, has hurt his market value, making it difficult for Atletico Madrid to find a buyer willing to meet their asking price.

Barcelona’s Stance on Felix

Barcelona has made it clear that they are not willing to pay €50 million for Felix. Instead, Flick and other club officials, including Joan Laporta, see potential in Felix and want to keep him. Due to Barcelona’s financial difficulties and Felix’s inconsistent performances last season, the club is interested in another loan deal rather than a full purchase.

Potential for Negotiations

Atletico Madrid would prefer to sell Felix outright, but given the current market situation, they might have to agree to another loan deal, possibly with an option for Barcelona to buy Felix next year. This is seen as the best solution for Atletico Madrid right now, as few clubs are interested in negotiating a purchase at the price they want.

Flick’s Confidence in Felix

Barcelona’s interest in Felix is driven by Flick’s confidence in the player’s abilities. Flick believes he can bring out the best in Felix, making him a key player for the team. Despite financial challenges and Felix’s recent performances, the club is exploring ways to keep him without spending the large sum Atletico Madrid is asking for.

Felix’s future remains uncertain. Barcelona wants to keep him on a loan deal because they cannot afford to buy him outright. Atletico Madrid wants to sell him, but his low playing time in the Euros is lowering his market value, making it difficult to find a buyer. The best solution for both clubs might be another loan deal, giving Felix a chance to prove his worth and possibly secure a permanent move to Barcelona in the future.

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